The Lucky Gift - Plant Wrapping Workshop

Happy Planting Gift Wrapping Workshop            
Workshop NameThe Lucky GiftChildren ages 3 and above
Duration60 – 120 minutes  
Workshop ObjectiveEven though giving a potted plant or flower is probably one of the easiest gifts out there, we still love to give them just as much I like to receive them. While picking up a growing beauty can seem pretty effortless – a unique presentation is a simple way to add some meaning and personalized style that can make your plant gift look valuable. If gifting a plant is on your list, then learn these quick and creative ways to wrap up those gifts that keep on giving.
Method of
  1. Interactive sessions & lecture with games
  2. Graphical presentation with audio visuals
  3. Hands-on practical
  4. One-on-one instructional learning
  5. Information brochure/ Displays
Workshop DescriptionPresentation can be just as important as the gift itself. Plants can be gifted for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon, thank you, congratulations, the list goes on! This fun and creative workshop will teach children how to use various versatile fabrics and papers that can be personalized to fit practically any type of style of pot, with the addition of a fabric bow, tied ribbon, decorative threads or even lace, for a perfect gift design. Children will get lessons with full directions on how to neatly wrap the pot to convert it into a beautiful and valuable gift. Whether the look is modern and contemporary, young and funky or feminine and charming, it’s the thought you put into the presentation that counts.
Workshop Topics
  1. Introduction to Happy Planting

  1. Significance of plants
  1. Different ways of Gift Wrapping Plants

1.1  Products and services
1.2  Plants as gifts 

2.1   Benefits of plants for your family and friends
2.2   Why plants make the best gifts
2.3   Which plants make good gifts
2.4   Growing you gift

3.1  Designs that can be used
3.2  Fabrics and papers
3.3  Tips and tricks for wrapping with various fabrics and paper crafts on a pot
3.4  Recycling household items for tools and supplies
3.5  Adding colours
3.6  Adding name tags, personalization
3.7  Availability of supplies in Delhi/NCR
3.8  Presenting your gift
3.9  Care instructions and safety 
Materials Included
  1. Ceramic Pot or planter
  2. Gift wrapping fabrics
  3. Gift wrapping papers
  4. Name tags and decorative tags
  5. Assorted ribbons, laces, threads and crafts
  6. Greeting or message card
  7. Tissue paper
Provided by Happy Planting
Tools & Supplies
  1. Glue
  2. Stapler
  3. Tape
  4. Pen
  5. Other stationary supplies
Provided by Happy Planting
What to bringDress casually.. If you have a plant or a pot that you would like to gift, please bring them along. Bring a re-usable carry bag so you can safely take your creations home.
2 - 3 projects per particpant
Rs. 499/- per participant 
Other Cost
Registration/ facilitation cost (For details contact Happy Planting)
Contact Details
Happy Planting
Phone: +91-8800460696
Have a Happy Planting!