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Recycle Your Garden Workshop

Happy Planting Recycling Workshop
Workshop NameRecycle Your GardenChildren ages 3 and above
Duration60 – 120 minutes (As per available time) 
Workshop ObjectiveDreaming about buying that new "perfect" tool? Let us suggest that you first consider recycling and inventing new uses for household items that can gain new lives as garden tools. This approach often proves to be more productive and certainly less expensive. All of these "new" tools will help ease your gardening chores, and you'll feel the pride and delight that comes with creating a new use for what might have been discarded.
Method of
  1. Interactive sessions & lecture with games
  2. Graphical presentation with audio visuals
  3. Hands-on practical
  4. One-on-one instructional learning
  5. Information brochure/ Displays
Workshop DescriptionAcquiring equipment for gardening can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. We've put together a list of items you can reuse and recycle in your garden. In this workshop, we identify common household items which can be reused and demonstrate how to adapt them to benefit your plant and garden. By recycling or repurposing waste materials you can save money while doing your bit to go green – one man’s trash really is another’s treasure! Learn how to make useful gardening handy tools with waste items like paper and plastic and learn how to go green through experience.
Workshop Topics 
  1. Introduction to Happy Planting
  1. Gardening 101

  1. Introduction to Recycling
  1. Recycling Household Waste into making Gardening  Tools
1.1  Products and services
1.2  What we do. Mission and vision

2.1  Benefits of plants for your family and friends
2.2  Why we need more gardens
2.3  How to plant and taking care of plants
2.4  Potting
3.1  What is recycling
3.2  Why is it important
3.3  Impact of plastic and waste on environment
3.4  How we can recycle for our garden

4.1 Recycling with newspapers
4.2  Recycling plastic
4.3  Recycling kitchen waste
4.4  Recycling other household items
4.4  Availability of supplies in Delhi/NCR
4.5  Safety measures and precautions
Materials Included
  1. Assorted Seed Packet
  2. Organic Potting Mix
  3. Newspapers
  4. Plastic water bottles
  5. Ice Cream Sticks
  6. Recycled Flower crafts
  7. Coloured paper
  8. Thread/ Yarn
  9. Toothpicks/ Bamboo Sticks
Provided by Happy Planting per participant
Tools & Supplies
  1. Gloves
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape
  4. Permanent markers
  5. Glue
  6. Thread
  7. Hardware tools and supplies
  8. Plastic Spoons 
Provided by Happy Planting
What to bringDress casually, in clothes you dont mind getting a little soiled. If you have mini items that you would like to add to reuse please bring them along. Bring a re-usable carry bag so you can safely take your creation home. A note book in case you want to make notes to remember.
2 - 3 Recycling Projects per participant
Rs. 499/-
Other Cost
Registration/ facilitation cost (For details contact Happy Planting)
Contact Details
Happy Planting
Phone: +91-8800460696
Email: info.happyplanting@gmail.com
Have a Happy Planting!