Molecular Gastronomy Workshop

Happy Planting Molecular Gastronomy Workshop                 
Workshop NameCuisine Re-evolutionAdults and Children
Duration60 – 180 minutes 
Workshop ObjectiveKick start this a year with unexpected textures and flavours. In both traditional and modernist cuisine, cooking transforms food ingredients chemically and physically. In this workshop, you will be introduced to the scientific and creative movement of molecular gastronomy and the powerful impact of scientific inquiry on cooking techniques. It’s all about reapplying flavours and ingredients in a very different way to change or enhance the textures and more often than not, given a heightened sensation to the food. This workshop is great for avid cooks, or anyone interested to pick up on a new technique. Learn the tricks and treats of molecular gastronomy or just join the fun of modern cooking and wow your friends at your next dinner party!
Method of
  1. Interactive sessions & lecture
  2. Graphical presentation with visuals
  3. Hands-on practical
  4. One-on-one instructional learning
Workshop DescriptionWe will focus on some of the common ways that food texture or phase state can be manipulated in interesting ways and take you through the hands-on basic process and popular techniques in “molecular” cuisine, primarily altering appearance and texture of foods. It is taking natural ingredients which are often used in the food industry fused together with everyday ingredients to enhance existing cuisine disciplines and concepts. The natural ingredients are seaweed and other plant extracts & food additives. The end result can be spectacular, unexpected and takes cuisine to another level without too much effort. This workshop gives you the fundamentals to kick start this gastronomy and once the groundwork has been established it opens the doors to countless possibilities which can be applied to classic and new world cooking. Needless to say, the workshop is fun, exciting and a real challenge on one’s taste buds.
Workshop Topics
  1. Introduction to Happy Planting
  1. Introduction to Molecular Gastronomy

  1. Recipe: Spherification

  1. Recipe: Gelification

1.1  Products and services 

2.1   What is molecular gastronomy
2.2  Pros and cons of using molecular gastronomy
2.3  How can we use it at home
2.4  Where can we purchase the products
2.5  How are the products made
2.6  How are they used in the industry
3.1  Converting liquid to juicy balls/caviar
3.2  Science behind spherification
3.3  Which foods can be used
3.4  Sources of error and solutions
3.5  Perfecting your spheres

4.1  Making gel cubes or flat sheets from liquids
4.2  Science behind Gelification
4.3  Which foods can be used?
4.4  Safety & Precautions at home 
Materials Included
  1. Fruit juices & food extracts
  2. Spherification & Gelification Kit – Sodium Alginate, Calcium Lactate & Agar Agar sachets, per participant
  3. Cold water bottle
  4. Dropper
  5. Instruction booklet
Provided by Happy Planting
Tools & Supplies
  1. Glass bowls
  2. Dropper
  3. Spoons
  4. Glasses
  5. Strainers
  6. Plating and serving suggestions
  7. Blender
  1. Induction heater / stove
  2. Fridge/ Freezer
Provided by Happy Planting
Provided at Centre/ Venue
What to bringDress casually, tie your hair back and feel free to bring your aprons. You can also bring a notebook to make necesary notes. A container to take away your delicious creations, unless you eat them all in class (likely!)
2 - 3 recipes/ cooking techniques per session, plus natural food addatives per participant
ChargesPlease contact Happy Planting (91-8800460696)
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