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Happy Planting School Workshop

Looking for Kids Activities & Workshops in Delhi/NCR?
Enhance your school curriculum with Happy Planting’s incredible Group of Science Workshops!

Preschool & In-Class Workshops
Our workshops are available for pre-school, elementary and high school levels and covers topics in physics, chemistry and environmental science. These in-class workshops are brought directly to your classroom and last for about an hour. Kids participate through an inquiry-based presentation filled with exciting experiments, scientific phenomenon and hands-on activities; all presented by our truly outstanding Faculty of course!
Working Together With Delhi/ NCR Teachers
If your school or organization doesn’t already have our workshops booked, now is a great time to do just that! What’s great for teachers, are the lesson plans and supporting materials we can provide. Once you book a workshop with us, we can provide you with our detailed course outline. Full of great resources and ready-to-go lessons, this outline will enable you to quickly integrate the workshop content with your own lessons; before and after the workshop!
The Goal of Happy Planting Science Workshops
At Happy Planting, our goal is to deliver quality, exceptional science programming to children through exciting and engaging activities. Children are exposed to the scientific topics they are learning in their classrooms, which helps reinforce teacher’s lessons through additional exposure. All of our science-based kid’s activities and workshops exceed learning objectives making them one of the most successful ways to present science to children.
The Secret of Presenting Science to Children
How do children learn best? Most educators agree; it’s through experiential activities that subjects (especially complex or difficult ones) get driven home to students. What’s more, when students have an opportunity to experience science, it sparks their imagination and instils an appreciation and even a passion for these subjects. Plus, they have a lot of fun doing it!
Book Happy Planting Kids Activities & Workshops Today!
Working together to present science to children achieves great results! We’re excited about what we do, and hope to work with you and your children soon! We recommend booking a few weeks in advance, so you can receive maximum results from our workshops for children. 

Call us today to book your corporate, pre-school or in-class workshop (weekly, monthly, quaterly, semi annual or annual plans) at +91-8800460696.
All workshops are exciting, hands-on, and designed to spark their imaginations!
Team Happy Planting!