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Rajouri Garden New Delhi, India
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Free pot Policy

At Happy Planting we are always finding ways to make our customer’s gifting experience unique. Unlike any other plants’ website, Happy Planting offers its customers a choice of free ceramic or metal pot with each order of fresh plant. You can chose one pot style per order. If you wish to chose a different style of pot, just place your order again and chose a different pot design in that order.

Pots are subjected to availability. Designs shown on our website can change from time to time depending on what is available in the market. Happy Planting reserves the right to change the pots designs offered on our website.

For customized pots (e.g: pots that match your company logo/color, your room or simply your choice of favourite color etc.) and bulk orders, feel free to contact our customer service department for pot availability.

Have a Happy Planting!

Team Happy Planting