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Fairy Garden Workshop

Happy Planting Fairy Garden Workshop
Workshop NameThe Great OutdoorsAdults and Children (4 & above)
Duration120 – 180 minutes
Workshop ObjectiveThe fairies in your garden will love having their very own miniature garden! This is the time to explore creative expression that one's mind has to offer. A fairy garden is a blend of plants and imagination to create a whole new world within a garden. Join Happy Planting as we take you through a fun interactive workshop on how to create personalized fairy gardens in ceramic planters. Create a magical fairy wonderland to lure fairies and with them, good luck, into your home garden.
Method of
  1. Interactive sessions & lecture, with trivia
  2. Graphical presentation with audio visuals
  3. Hands-on practical
  4. One-on-one instruction learning
  5. Information brochure/ Displays
Workshop DescriptionCome create your very own unique Fairy Garden! All you need is a little imagination and we will supply the rest! In this 90-minute workshop we will help guide you in designing a magical miniature landscape. Choose from our wonderful selection of miniature accessories, fairy plants or succulents, stone paths, and natural materials to complete your little wonderland. Fairy Gardens are ideal for all ages and creative abilities. The fairies are looking forward to seeing how creative you will be with their new garden. So come build an oasis for your garden fairies with various plants and miniature accessories that are just their size!
Workshop Topics
  1. Introduction to Happy Planting
  1. Significance of plants at home
  1. The Making – Designing your Fairy Garden
  1. Make your ecosystem live longer
1.1 Products and services
1.2 Plants as gifts! 

2.1   Positivity and health with plants
2.2   Varieties and their benefits
2.3   How to choose plants for your planter (Indoor/Outdoor)
2.4  Reading your plants
2.5  Different methods of display
3.1  Plant selection and placement
3.2  Tips and tricks for drainage and container selection – indoor and outdoor
3.3  Maintenance in every environment
3.4  Design techniques
3.5  Caring for your mini fairy garden

4.1 Light and water – before and after
4.2 Pruning and grooming
4.3 Safety and precautionary tips
4.4 Raw materials in Delhi/NCR 
Materials Included
  1. One Ceramic Planter per person
  2. 2 – 6 Plants as per container size
  3. Organic potting mix
  4. Coloured stones, pebbles and sand
  5. Decor for designing
  6. Miniature figurines and landscapes
Provided by Happy Planting
Tools & Supplies
  1. Gloves
  2. Spoon
  3. Brush
  4. Used pen
  5. Tissue paper
Provided by Happy Planting
What to bringDress casually, in clothes you dont mind getting a little soiled. All materials are provided, but if you’d like to add your very own special touch, feel free to bring your own miniature decorative accents. Bring a re-usable carry bag so you can safely take your creation home.
PriceFairy Garden 8” W – Rs. 999/-
Fairy Garden 12” W – Rs. 1499/-
Other CostFacilitation cost per workshop
Contact Details
Happy Planting
Phone: +91-8800460696
Email: info.happyplanting@gmail.com
Have a Happy Planting!