Children Terrarium Workshop

Happy Planting Children Terrarium Workshop
Workshop NameThe Terrarium GardenerChildren ages 3 and above/ Adults
Duration60 – 120 minutes 
Workshop ObjectiveLeave behind adult ideas about gardening and create living masterpieces! Join Happy Planting in this imaginative workshop for children, which includes everything you need to know about how to make terrariums for yourself, your friends and family. Your imagination is the limit, children, so don't forget yours at home!
Method of 
  1. Interactive sessions & lecture with games
  2. Graphical presentation with audio visuals
  3. Hands-on practical
  4. One-on-one instructional learning
  5. Information brochure/ Displays
Workshop DescriptionGive children their own gardening space and utilize plants as a window of creative output. In this artistic workshop, get your hands muddy while learning all about how to design a terrarium using vivid colour and decorations. Using glass containers, plants, attractive sand and pebbles, we will walk our participants through a few simple techniques that transform succulents, sand, soil, and creativity into breathtaking terrariums. With plenty of demonstrations and hands-on help along the way, you'll practically be a terrarium guru by the time you leave! At the end you get to take your creation home and leave with the knowledge to continue making more.
Workshop Topics  
  1. Introduction to Happy Planting
  1. Significance of plant
  1. Introduction to Terrariums & Succulents

  1. The Making – Designing your Terrarium

1.1   Products and services
1.2   Plants as gifts
2.1  Benefits of plants for your family and friends
2.2  Why plants make the best gifts
3.1  History and varieties with pictures
3.2  Availability in Delhi/NCR

4.1  Tips and tricks for drainage, specialty succulent soil, potting, playing with design, adding toys, and caring for your mini succulent garden
4.2  Recycling household items for tools and supplies
4.3  Adding colours and toys
4.4  Gift wrapping your terrarium
4.4  Availability of supplies in Delhi/NCR
4.5  Care Instructions for your terrariums –   how much water and sun
Materials Included
  1. One glass terrarium per person
  2. Succulents/ live plants per terrarium
  3. Organic potting mix
  4. Assorted coloured stones, pebbles, sand
  5. Artificial decor and toys for designing
  6. Succulent terrarium information and care instructions card/ brochure
  7. Greeting card/ message card
Provided by Happy Planting
Tools & Supplies
  1. Gloves
  2. Spoon
  3. Brush
  4. Used pen
  5. Tissue paper
Provided by Happy Planting
What to bringDress casually, in clothes you dont mind getting a little soiled. If you have mini figurines or keepsakes that you would like to add to your masterpiece please bring them along. Bring a re-usable carry bag so you can safely take your creation home.
Terrarium 3" - 5" Terrarium6" - 7" Terrarium
PriceRs. 499 - Rs. 550Rs. 650 - Rs. 699
Terrarium  8" - 9" Terrarium10" - 12" Terrarium
PriceRs. 799 - Rs. 899Rs. 1199 - Rs. 1299
Other CostRegistration/ facilitation cost (For details and pictures contact Happy Planting)
Contact Details
Happy Planting
Phone: +91-8800460696
Have a Happy Planting!