Air Plant (Airrarium) Workshop

Happy Planting Air Plant (Airrarium) Workshop
Workshop NameThe Air GardenerAdults and Children (4 & above)
Duration60 – 120 minutes
Workshop ObjectiveIt’s time to discover the world of Air Planters! Introduce the charming botanical element of décor into your home, while bringing new, vibrant life indoors with your very own air plant Airrarium! Join Happy Planting as we take you through a fun interactive workshop on how to create personalized air planters. Join us for a hands-on gardening experience where you will be creating your own mini world under glass.
Method of
  1. Interactive sessions & lecture, with trivia
  2. Graphical presentation with audio visuals
  3. Hands-on practical
  4. One-on-one instruction learning
  5. Information brochure/ Displays
Workshop DescriptionAirrariums are incredible containers unlike other forms of gardening. Air Plants are lovely and almost self-sufficient plants, which make for fun and easy-to-maintain indoor gardens. As their name implies, they thrive on mostly air, and occasionally require some water. In this class, you will make and personalize your very own air plant terrariums. Airrariums are living and breathing works of art that will add character to your home or office space; they also make great gifts! Your little world under glass can be hanging or sitting. They can have a crisp desert like environment built with rocks, sand or succulents. Or they can be a lush green-forest space with little critters hiding behind ferns. Whatever your taste, we’ve racked up enough expert knowledge to teach even the brownest of thumbs.
Workshop Topics
  1. Introduction to Happy Planting
  1. Introduction to Air Plants
  1. The Making – Designing your Airrarium
  1. Make your ecosystem live longer
1.1 Products and services
1.2 Plants as gifts! 

2.1   Understanding Air Plants – how they are different from regular houseplants
2.2  Plant structure and biology
2.3  Pros and cons
2.4  How to choose plants for your Airrarium
2.5  Different methods of display
3.1  Plant selection and introduction
3.2  Tips and tricks for drainage and container selection – indoor and outdoor
3.3  Maintenance in every environment
3.4  Design techniques
3.5  Caring for your mini hanging garden

4.1 Light and water – before and after
4.2 History and varieties of airrariums
4.3 Safety and precautionary tips
4.4Air Planters in Delhi/NCR 
Materials Included
  1. One glass terrarium per person
  2. 1 air plant
  3. Coloured stones, pebbles and sand
  4. Artificial moss
  5. Decor for designing
Provided by Happy Planting
Tools & Supplies
  1. Gloves
  2. Spoon
  3. Brush
  4. Used pen
  5. Tissue paper
  6. Bottom bowls
Provided by Happy Planting
What to bringDress casually, in clothes you dont mind getting a little soiled. All materials are provided, but if you’d like to add your very own special touch, feel free to bring your own miniature decorative accents. Bring a re-usable carry bag so you can safely take your creation home.
PriceHanging Terrarium 4” – Rs. 699/-
Hanging Terrarium 6” – Rs. 899/-
Other CostFacilitation cost per workshop
Contact Details
Happy Planting
Phone: +91-8800460696
Have a Happy Planting!