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Corporate Plant Gifts

Buy from the largest selection of corporate green gifts from Happy Planting. We offer a huge range of plant gifts starting at  Rs. 200 to send out to businesses, exhibitions, corporate events, staff gifts for Diwali, New Years and for all other corporate occasions. Plants make wonderful gifts to give to your staff as well. University reaserach shows having a plant at work can help improve your memory and make you more efficient. Living plant are ideal as stressbusters and oxygenators in any office environment. 

Happy Planting also offers beautifully presented indoor foliage wrapped with ribbons and craft paper in your own corporate colors or your company logo with a personalized message attached. Starting at a MOQ of 100 or even if its more or less please contact our customer service department for our catalogs. 
Bonsai Gift (S-Shape)
₹900  ₹800
11% OFF
Bonsai Gifts (I-Shape)
Bonsai Gifts (I-Shape)
₹800  ₹700
13% OFF