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Happy planting terrarium gifts

  • Feb 28 2016


Imagine a little garden in a transparent glass container with green plants, beautiful pebbles and stones. These glass containers are sometimes offered with Succulents that are tropical plants and require a very less amount of care and are very easy to maintain. Handcrafted in saddi Dilli by a very young, energetic and enthusiastic team, we promise a wow experience when you gift this terrarium to your loved ones.
The terrariums have been designed post a lot of hard work and travelling across India, finding the best stuff for your gifting experience. Check out the elegant glass container that is designed keeping your gifting needs in mind. Don’t forget those colourful stones, they are for real and they are always going to retain their beauty. Finally, the exotic succulents that are picked sourced from various parts in India, to end up in your final product.
Succulent terrariums are low maintenance and can be kept anywhere indoors. The succulents that are tropical plants don’t require any kind of fertilizers or soil change etc., a few drops of water will do and these plants can survive for months. They make great office gifts, festival gifts and occasion gifts as they are air purifiers. With the new wave of green gifting in the air terrariums will prove to be the best gift option.
Right from the designing to the delivery, this team ensures there is a smile on your face when someone receives your gift and that’s why they call it “Happy Planting”.
Rather than outsourcing delivery to any logistic partner, this young team decided to do it themselves, where they deliver to your house with their unique packaging which is really awesome. Buy it to experience it, Happy Plating :)


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