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Happy Planting - Terrarium Workshops, Delhi/NCR

  • Apr 14
  • Yashil Handa

Kids of Delhi & NCR are now Happy Planting!
Every child is born as a genius! This was proved correct by our cute little participants at the Happy Planting terrarium making workshop conducted at Crafts Village on 10th April located in New Delhi.

The mission of Happy Planting has always been to inspire the future generation to get accustomed to the idea of green gifting for their loved ones, and spreading the vast information about the benefits of greenery around us. In the pursuit of this mission, Happy Planting conducts

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Mosquito Repellent Plants by Happy Planting

  • Apr 01
  • Happy Planting

Mosquito Repellent Plants by Happy Planting
Love being outdoors but sick of those annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes? They may be great bait for birds and bats, but you don’t want them hanging around your children and your family. You also don’t want to cover yourself in harsh chemicals to repel them. So, aside from making your property less friendly to the buggers by getting rid of any standing water, what can you do to keep mosquitoes away?
It turns out that mosquitoes are attracted to certain odours in human skin. They’re especially attracted to your body odour and other secretions, meaning that if you’re spending a lot of time running around and sweating, you can expect to have more mosquitoes following yo...

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Medicinal Plants and their Benefits

  • Mar 27
  • Happy Planting

In an era of advanced medical science and pills, not many people have put their faith on medicinal plants or Ayurveda. The ancient medical science has looked after mankind for centuries. Hence, it is definitely worth a shot. Many think that medicinal plants are hard to find and can only be found in far-off forests or mountains. However, thanks to internet and companies like Happy Planting, more and more people can get thier remedies home. Much about this resurfacing is dependent on self-education of every individual.
Happy Planting has a collection of eight medicinal plants that can be easily and effectively used to cure ailments related to skin, hair, digestion, allergies and respiration.

If you are interested in using natural remedies to support your he...

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How to Care for Succulent Terrariums

  • Feb 29
  • Happy Planting


Caring for your Happy Planting terrarium is pretty easy! Succulents are very forgiving and that’s why we love them. But you can trust that we’ve killed our share of succulents when we were starting out, by either watering them too much or giving them too much sun. With experience, we learned that succulents don’t live at the same pace as we do – it takes over a week for them to get hungry whereas it takes us only a few hours. So try not to overcompensate when you notice your plants looking less than perfect.

Watering: Succulents live in arid environments and need very little water, especially when grown in a terrarium. You can spra...

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Happy Planting Terrarium Gifts


Imagine a little garden in a transparent glass container with green plants, beautiful pebbles and stones. These glass containers are sometimes offered with Succulents that are tropical plants and require a very less amount of care and are very easy to maintain. Handcrafted in saddi Dilli by a very young, energetic and enthusiastic team, we promise a wow experience when you gift this ter...

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Free Ceramic Pots @ Happy Planting


Nothing comes for free? When you say this again, think one more time, because this team is really doing something which is not happening in this industry. Offering a free planter is their one of the USP’s that allows a user to choose their favourite pot to go with their plant choice made of ceramic or metal.  These pots are specially chosen by this young team that is surely g...

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Fresh Plants Gifts Delhi/ NCR

Gift Life, Gift a Plant...

Happy Planting is an online portal which offers unique and beautiful type of plants and terrariums which can be easily planted in the terrace garden. The plants can be a unique item, thus you can gift a plant to your loved ones who are fond of plants or those who are planning to design a terrace garden. It can be a gift which can be gifted for any occasion such as birthdays, karwachauth, Diwali, Corporate gifts and many more.

You can visit the website www.happyplanting.in to get an idea about the range of plants terrariums and bonsai’s offered by them. It offers same day delivery of the ordered plants. You can while sitting at h...

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Bonsai Gifts and Care, Delhi/ NCR

  • Feb 27
  • happyplanting

Bonsai and its Care...
Keeping strong and healthy bonsai’s is all about good care. If you decide to grow a bonsai this is the last step of the way and, if you do it right, the most rewarding one. It’s also the longest procedure because it could last most of your life and even after, if you decide to leave it to your descendants, like they do it in Japan.
At Happy Planting we have three types of bonsai’s, Jade, Ficus and Peepal. Since there are many types of bonsais as there are trees species, so the way you take care of them may differ from one to another. When you water them you should constantly check the soil of the bonsai and keep it damp and when it gets slightly dry t...

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